Roles and Responsibilities

Core Responsibilities

  • Lead Technical Architect: Design and oversee the development of the no-code platform's architecture, ensuring scalability, performance, and long-term maintainability.

  • Full-Stack Development Lead: Guide hands-on software development, implementing core features, integrations, and user interfaces.

  • Technical Problem-Solver: Troubleshoot complex issues, optimize code, and ensure a seamless, reliable user experience.

  • Research and Innovation: Stay updated on the latest no-code trends, technologies, and industry best practices, proposing new solutions and improvements.

  • Technical Team Building: As the company grows, play a key role in recruiting, mentoring, and leading the development team.

Collaborative Responsibilities

  • Product Vision: Work closely with NAUCode's leadership to shape the product roadmap, aligning technical execution with overall strategic goals.

  • Customer Understanding: Proactively engage with the no-code community and early adopters to gain deep insights into user needs and pain points.

  • Marketing and Evangelism: Contribute to technical content, demos, and community outreach to promote adoption and showcase the platform's capabilities

Decision-Making Framework

  • Autonomy: The co-founder will own all technical decisions, including choice of technologies, development methodologies, and hiring of engineering talent.

  • Collaboration: Strategic product direction, market positioning, and major financial decisions will be shaped jointly with NAUCode's existing leadership team.

  • Regular Alignment: Weekly check-ins and planning sessions to maintain open communication and ensure the technical roadmap aligns with overall growth goals.

Mentorship and Support

  • Strategic Guidance: Receive mentorship from NAUCode's CEO/CPO on product-market fit, business development, and go-to-market strategies.

  • Network Access: Leverage NAUCode's network of advisors and potential partners for insights, collaborations, and potential funding opportunities.

  • Company Culture: Become a core part of shaping NAUCode's company culture with an emphasis on innovation, learning, and a passion for no-code.

Performance-Based Milestones

  • MVP Launch: Define successful completion and launch of a Minimum Viable Product, demonstrating the core functionality and value of the no-code platform.

  • 100 DAU (Daily Active Users): Achieve early market validation with a consistent user base engaging with the platform daily.

  • 1000 DAU: Demonstrate significant traction and growth, indicating product-market fit and healthy user adoption.

Growth Trajectory

  • CTO: Continue to lead the technical vision, team growth, and architectural development of the platform as the company scales.

  • Portfolio Manager (Business Line PIC): Opportunity to transition towards a more strategic role focused on shaping new product lines, business development, and market expansion. This trajectory is ideal for co-founders interested in developing their business and strategic acumen.

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