Equity and Compensation

Competitive Equity Grant

  • NAUCode recognizes the value you bring as our co-founder. You'll receive an equity grant that reflects the significance of your role in building our company.

  • The exact percentage will be determined based on your experience, skillset, and contributions during the program. We benchmark our offers against industry standards for co-founder positions in early-stage startups and Founder in Residence programs.

Transparent Grant Structure

  • To ensure clarity and alignment, we'll provide you with a detailed vesting schedule outlining your equity ownership over time. This schedule will typically cliff-vest over a period of 1-4 years, with vesting milestones tied to your performance and the company's progress.

Learning from Leading Incubators and FiR Programs

  • We've carefully studied successful incubator and Founder in Residence programs to design a competitive compensation structure.

  • Here are some references that shaped our approach:

Tailored to Vietnamese Market: We understand the Vietnamese tech ecosystem, and we'll ensure your compensation package is competitive locally while also reflecting the global potential of NAUCode.

Open Communication: We believe in open communication. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss your compensation expectations during the interview process.

Investing in Your Future: NAUCode is committed to your success, both within the program and beyond. The equity and compensation package is designed to incentivize your contributions and reward you for the value you create as we build a groundbreaking no-code platform.

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