Onboarding and Integration

Week 1: Immersion and Foundations

  • Welcome and Orientation:

    • A warm welcome from the NAUCode team to build personal connections.

    • Introduction to company culture, values, and mission alignment.

    • Overview of NAUCode's existing resources, processes, and any ongoing work.

  • Deep Dive into the No-Code Landscape:

    • Provide market research, competitor analysis, and identify user pain points.

    • Engage with potential early adopters or community members for first-hand insights.

  • Technical Setup:

    • Grant access to development environments, code repositories, and collaboration tools.

    • Provide guidance on NAUCode's preferred technologies and best practices.

Week 2-4: Knowledge Transfer and Goal Setting

  • Shadowing and Mentorship:

    • Pair the co-founder with NAUCode's leadership team for discussions on product strategy, market positioning, and go-to-market plans.

    • Provide opportunities to observe existing development workflows and decision-making processes.

  • Roadmap Development:

    • Collaborate to define a detailed roadmap for the initial MVP, including feature prioritization and technical milestones.

    • Establish key metrics and KPIs to track progress and success.

Ongoing Support and Integration

  • Regular Check-Ins: Schedule weekly meetings with the CEO/CPO and other relevant team members to discuss progress, challenges, and refine strategy.

  • Community Building: Introduce the co-founder to NAUCode's network (advisors, potential partners, investors) to facilitate connections and foster long-term relationships.

  • Open Communication: Encourage open dialogue for asking questions, addressing concerns, and ensuring the co-founder feels both supported and empowered to make an impact.

  • Professional Development: Identify opportunities for the co-founder to attend relevant conferences, workshops, or online courses to stay ahead in the no-code space and develop their leadership skills.

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