Application and Selection Process

How to Apply for NAUCode's Founder in Residence Program

Are you a passionate software engineer excited about the potential of no-code technology? Are you eager to build a revolutionary platform that will shape the future of software development in Vietnam and beyond? If so, NAUCode's Founder in Residence program could be the perfect opportunity for you!

The Application Process

  1. Prepare Your Materials:

    • Resume or CV: Showcase your technical skills, relevant projects, and no-code experience.

    • Portfolio or Project Showcase: Let us see what you can build! Include links to GitHub repositories, personal websites, or past projects you've worked on.

    • Cover Letter or Statement of Interest: Tell us why you're passionate about no-code, what excites you about NAUCode's mission, and how you believe you can contribute to our journey.

    • (Optional but Highly Recommended): Technical Proposal If you have a strong vision for how you'd tackle building NAUCode's initial no-code platform, outline your approach, potential technologies, and any unique ideas you have. This helps us understand your thought process and technical vision.

  2. Submit Your Application:

    • Visit our online application portal [Insert link when ready].

    • Complete the application form and upload all required materials.

What Happens Next?

  • Screening: Our team will carefully review your application. If your profile aligns with what we're looking for, you may be invited to complete a short technical assignment.

  • Interviews: Top candidates will progress to a multi-stage interview process. Expect a combination of:

    • Technical interviews to assess your skills and problem-solving abilities.

    • Interviews to learn about your passion, alignment with our mission, and potential to collaborate effectively.

  • Final Decision: We'll make our decision based on a holistic evaluation of your application, technical assignments (if any), and interview performance.

  • Offer: If selected as our new co-founder, you'll receive a formal offer outlining the details of your role, compensation, and equity stake in NAUCode.

Key Things to Remember

  • Passion and Potential Matter: While technical skills are crucial, we're equally excited about your potential for growth, your passion for the no-code movement, and your desire to make an impact.

  • Show Us What You Can Do: Your portfolio, projects, and technical proposal are vital for helping us understanding your capabilities.

  • Be Ready to Learn: This is an extraordinary opportunity to gain hands-on experience building a world-class no-code platform while receiving mentorship from experienced professionals.

We can't wait to hear from you! Let's build the future of no-code together!

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