Chapter 4. Mentorship and Growth

Continuous Feedback and Support

  • Formal Review Structure: Establish a schedule (weekly, bi-weekly) for dedicated marketing strategy review sessions with NAUCode leadership. Provide templates for the Co-Founder to prepare key data and discussion points beforehand.

  • Constructive Feedback Methods: Share feedback models (e.g., "Start-Stop-Continue" or "Situation-Behavior-Impact") with mentors to ensure feedback is actionable and constructive.

  • Open Communication: Emphasize to the Co-Founder that they should proactively ask questions, seek guidance, and voice concerns throughout the program.

Professional Development

  • Skill Assessment: Help the Co-Founder identify 2-3 specific marketing skills they want to deepen during their residency (data analysis, social advertising, etc.).

  • Curated Resources: Gather a list of relevant conferences, online courses, and certifications. Consider potential budget support from NAUCode for attendance or subscriptions.

  • Networking as Growth: Discuss how attending industry events offers not only knowledge but opportunities for connecting with potential mentors and partners.

Preparing for the CMO Role

  • Shadowing Opportunities: Have the Co-Founder observe strategy discussions, budget planning, or cross-functional meetings to gain exposure to broader CMO responsibilities.

  • Team-Building Exercises: Include the Co-Founder in brainstorming potential interview questions or skill assessments for future marketing team hires.

  • Presentation Practice: Provide opportunities for the Co-Founder to present their marketing reports and strategies to a wider NAUCode team, honing their communication and leadership presentation style.

Expanding Your Network

  • Strategic Introductions: Beyond random networking, arrange targeted introductions within NAUCode's network. Consider advisors with marketing expertise, potential customers, or successful alumni from past programs.

  • Connecting on LinkedIn: Encourage the Co-Founder to proactively connect with relevant professionals on LinkedIn, and guide them on how to make meaningful interactions.

  • Collaboration is Key: Brainstorm potential collaborative projects (webinars, content swaps) with partners or influencers that simultaneously benefit NAUCode and expand the Co-Founder's network.

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