Chapter 2. Strategic Marketing Plan Development

Aligning with NAUCode's Mission

  • Revenue Model Breakdown: Explain NAUCode's current or intended revenue streams (subscription, usage-based, etc.). Discuss how marketing initiatives directly contribute to attracting users who align with that model.

  • Growth Goals Discussion: Go beyond simple numbers. Discuss what user growth looks like in the context of NAUCode's vision. Is it about reaching mass adoption or focusing on a high-value niche? This influences marketing strategies.

  • Hypothesizing the Impact: Lead a brainstorming exercise where the Co-Founder outlines how they envision successful marketing campaigns directly contributing to the company's broader goals.

Crafting Customer Personas

  • Beyond Demographics: Emphasize the importance of psychographics: What do our ideal customers believe? What content do they consume? What influences their decisions? Discuss how to uncover this information.

  • Persona Storytelling: Encourage the Co-Founder to create names and vivid descriptions for each persona, making them feel like real people they are trying to reach.

  • The Persona Journey: Map out a possible customer journey for each persona: How do they first discover NAUCode? What are their touchpoints, questions, and roadblocks along the way?

Defining the Go-To-Market Strategy

  • Launch Phases: Break down the launch into:

    • Pre-launch: Goal is to build anticipation, early-adopter lists, and potential collaborations with student groups.

    • Launch Day: Generating buzz through various channels with compelling promotions or offers.

    • Post-Launch: Sustained growth, nurture campaigns to drive usage and address initial feedback.

  • The Budget Balancing Act: Provide a hypothetical budget and guide the Co-Founder through allocating funds across different stages and channels. Force them to prioritize and justify their choices.

  • Partnerships Exploration: Brainstorm potential student organizations, tech communities, or influencers that could be powerful NAUCode partners for the launch.

Messaging and Branding

  • Differentiation is Key: Facilitate a discussion centered on what makes NAUCode stand out from all its competitors. This forms the base of their messaging.

  • Wordsmith Workshop: Provide a list of "power words" to incorporate in messaging and a list of clichéd tech jargon to avoid. Collaborate to create NAUCode-specific messaging pillars.

  • Beyond Words: The Visual Language: Discuss logo usage, color palettes, fonts, and visual styles that align with NAUCode's brand personality and resonate with the target audience.

Setting KPIs

  • The Metric Spectrum: Introduce a spectrum of metrics from awareness indicators (impressions, reach) to bottom-of-the-funnel conversion metrics (trial signups, purchases). Explain how they all play a role.

  • Setting Targets: Guide the Co-Founder in setting realistic KPI targets for the first 3-6 months based on industry benchmarks and NAUCode's resources.

  • Tools Introduction: Provide a short demonstration of tools where they'll track marketing metrics (Google Analytics, social media dashboards, etc.).

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