Marketing FiR Playbook

This playbook is your roadmap. It's designed to provide foundational knowledge, practical tools, and the mentorship you'll need to excel in this unique opportunity.

Chapter 1: Welcome and Immersion

  • Getting to Know NAUCode: We'll dive into our mission, core values, and how these translate into our approach to marketing. We believe in authenticity, so we'll discuss how to market with integrity while promoting the transformative power of no-code.

  • The No-Code Revolution: Gain a deep understanding of the global no-code landscape, key competitors, and the unique opportunities within the Vietnamese market. We'll provide resources and frameworks for conducting insightful competitor analysis.

  • Understanding Our Target Audience: Focus on the motivations, aspirations, and tech behaviors of Vietnamese students and early graduates. We'll explore their pain points and how NAUCode offers solutions. Together, we'll identify potential segments like aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals seeking to enhance their skillsets.

  • Reviewing Existing Assets: Take an in-depth look at our current marketing materials, website, and branding. Evaluate them for consistency, messaging, and opportunities for improvement.

Chapter 2: Strategic Marketing Plan Development

  • Aligning with NAUCode's Mission: Learn how to craft marketing plans that directly support our revenue goals, user acquisition targets, and overall vision for the company.

  • Crafting Customer Personas: Develop detailed customer personas within our target demographics. Consider their interests, career goals, and how no-code can empower them. These personas will inform every aspect of your marketing strategy.

  • Defining the Go-To-Market Strategy: Map out a detailed plan for our product launch. We'll break down pre-launch hype-building, launch day activities, and a sustained post-launch growth strategy. We'll discuss budget allocation and explore cost-effective channels for reaching our target audience.

  • Messaging and Branding: Through brainstorming and collaborative exercises, we'll shape our core messaging, taglines, and overall brand identity. The goal is to create messaging that resonates with our ideal customers and stands out in the no-code space.

  • Setting KPIs: Together, we'll define the key metrics that will measure the success of your marketing initiatives. We'll move beyond surface-level metrics and track indicators like conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and lifetime value.

Chapter 3: Marketing Execution and Optimization

  • Campaign Powerhouse: We'll equip you with project management tools and inspiration from successful tech and education-focused marketing campaigns. You'll gain the skills to develop, execute, and track your own innovative campaigns.

  • Content Creation Masterclass: Get introduced to user-friendly design tools like Canva and discover the power of content repurposing. Learn how to turn a single blog post into eye-catching infographics or shareable social media content.

  • Community Building and Engagement: Discover relevant online student communities where NAUCode can add genuine value. We'll discuss social listening, responding authentically, and fostering a sense of belonging around no-code.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Learn to use essential tools like Google Analytics and social media insights. Practice analyzing key metrics and how to translate data into actionable insights for optimizing campaigns and strategies.

  • Resource Management: We'll provide tools and guidance for tracking your marketing budget. You'll learn how to evaluate the ROI of different channels and tactics, ensuring every investment drives results.

Chapter 4: Mentorship and Growth

  • Continuous Feedback and Support: Receive regular feedback from NAUCode leadership and marketing mentors. We're committed to helping you refine your skills and grow with confidence.

  • Professional Development: Access conferences, workshops, and online courses that will enhance your marketing expertise. Stay ahead of the curve and become a thought leader in the Vietnamese no-code landscape.

  • Preparing for the CMO Role: As the company expands, we'll prepare you for greater leadership responsibilities. Participate in marketing team hiring, learn to delegate effectively, and practice clear leadership communication.

  • Expanding Your Network: Leverage NAUCode's connections and meet potential partners, advisors, and investors who can contribute to your growth and success.

Let's get started!

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