Chapter 1. Welcome and Immersion

Getting to Know NAUCode

  • Mission and Vision Deep Dive: Beyond our written statements, engage in open discussions about the driving force behind NAUCode and its long-term impact. Share personal stories from the founders about why no-code democratization matters to them.

  • Values in Action: Don't just list company values; provide specific examples of how those values have shaped past decisions, marketing approaches, and customer interactions. Encourage the Co-Founder to identify how their personal values align with NAUCode's.

  • Marketing Philosophy: Explain NAUCode's approach to ethical marketing, customer trust-building, and avoiding hype-driven tactics. Discuss how they see their role in upholding these principles.

The No-Code Revolution

  • Competitor Analysis Workshop: Instead of handing them a report, facilitate an interactive session where you guide the Co-Founder through analyzing competitors' websites, social media, content, and strengths/weaknesses.

  • The Vietnamese Advantage: Discuss unique cultural factors, user preferences, and the potential for NAUCode to fill specific gaps in the Vietnamese market compared to global no-code tools.

  • Market Research Resources: Provide curated lists of websites, reports, and tools focused on the Vietnamese tech landscape to kickstart their research.

Understanding Our Target Audience

  • Assumptions vs. Data: Emphasize the importance of validating assumptions about students/recent grads with real-world data. Provide access to survey tools and student panels for conducting their own research (if budget allows).

  • The Empathetic Marketer: Guide a discussion on putting oneself in the shoes of a Vietnamese student facing career choices or tech challenges. What motivates them? What are their fears? How can this understanding drive more effective marketing?

  • Segmentation Exercise: Brainstorm different potential segments within the broader target audience (e.g., tech-focused students vs. business students, entrepreneurship interest, etc.).

Reviewing Existing Assets

  • The Critical Eye: Encourage the Co-Founder to provide not only feedback but to suggest specific improvements based on what they've learned about marketing best practices and the Vietnamese audience.

  • Past Campaign Data: If available, share results from past NAUCode marketing efforts, even small ones. Analyze what worked, what didn't, and why. This provides context for future decisions.

No-Code Market Analysis

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